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This website is in operation for online sales for Sarees, Fabrics, Lehengas & Accessories  by Saree Story Pvt Ltd under the brand of ‘THE SAREE STORY’. Throughout the website, we will make use of ‘we’ and ‘us’ to refer to THE SAREE STORY. It offers this website the best tools and services that are available on our website. You can look for terms and conditions as well as policies and notices that are stated here with ease.

By visiting our websites you will get to know the best terms and conditions that agree to bind by the following types of conditions policies and notices stated in the article. The terms of service do and agree to all terms of service. The new features and shopping tools are added to the current posting updates which access the websites following the changes.

Our store is hosted online and there are awesome collections of saree which are eagerly waiting for the audience to catch up with the hosted collection of the saree.

Section 1: Online Store items

Once you agree to the terms and the services represent the age of the majority in the state as well as the province of the residence giving us the consent to allow the minor dependents to use the website. A breach and the violation of the terms will result in immediate termination of the services. You should not transmit the worms and viruses or any code in a destructive nature.

Section 2: General conditions

We at THE SAREE STORY reserve a certain right to refuse the services to anyone for any kind of reason. These reasons can be treated at any point in time. You can also understand the content, not including the credit card as well as information. It may be transferred and also unencrypted with the involvement of the transmissions over different variations as well as network. The technical requirements for the connecting of the devices as well as the networks depend upon the transfer of the networks.

Section 3: Timeliness, completeness, and Accuracy of information

The headlines used in the agreement should be authentic and informative. The material that is used on the website is accurate, complete, and current. The material on the website provides general rules and information only. Any reliance on the material on this website is always at your own risk. There are certain historical as well as other kinds of information that can bring out the basic reservation of the right to edit contents with that of the site at any point in time.

We have no obligations that can update any kind of information on your website. It is our reservation of right that can help in modifying the website with no such obligation.

The historical information necessarily is not about current and others provided with reference only.

Section 4: Modifications to the service and prices

Without any notice, the prices of the products can be changed as per the claim. We at THE SAREE STORY reserve the right to modify and discontinue the service at any point in time. It is upon us if we want to continue the service or discontinue it. We shall not be liable to you if there is any third-party modification, the price changes, suspension, or the discontinuance of the service. We will not be responsible at all as the prices of the product are not subject to change. Nothing as such can be changed and modified.

The online terms and services are not difficult and quite reasonable for all customers who see it. It is upon us how we want to proceed with the prices of the product and it is not that we are purposely increasing the price of any product. All we want to do is to put a reasonable cost and expenses. The additionally promised goods and the services reflect the quality of the products.

Section 5: Products or Services (if they are available)

The product is a tangible item put on the market with acquisition, attention, and consumption while the service is an intangible item arising from the output of one and more individuals with tangible and intangible services. Services are broadly classified under intangible with other products that are durable and non-durable with the product catalog. Hybrid solutions in which products and services combine into innovative offerings can help viewers attract the customers with the increase of the inextricably linked. It can be available and all are guaranteed with the computer monitoring of the display.

We reserve the right to obligate and limit the sales of the products and the services towards any person, geographic region with jurisdiction. We might exercise the right on a case-by-case basis reserving the right to limit the quantities of the product and the services that we offer. We do not warrant that the quantity of any product, services, information, and other materials that are purchased with the services that are made on the website.

Section 6: Accuracy of the Billing and the Account information

THE SAREE STORY reserves the right to refuse any order you place with us. Some restrictions might include the orders purchase and are sale policies. We limit the purchase and stop transactions once our products go out of delivery. These restrictions may include orders placed by and under the same customer account. We attempt to notify you by contacting the order. We and our production team reserve the team in our sole judgment appearing to be placed by dealers, resellers, and the distributors.

You agree to the current and complete and accurate purchase made from our stores. You must promptly agree to update your KYC in the account. This update should not be incomplete or else we will not be able to take your account for better scanning and create opportunities for offers. If you have all the complete details we will be able to process all the dealing accordingly.

In case you are looking for more and more details you need to create Returns Policy.

Section 7: Optional Tools

The optional tools might provide you with access to third-party tools so that you can acknowledge and then create alerts for your shopping. We shall have no responsibility whatever arises from the relating use of the optional third-party tools. Any use by you of the optional tools offered through the website. It approves the terms on which tools are provided by the relevant third-party provider or providers. It might so happen that we can offer new services and features through the website including the release of the new tools and resources. All these terms and services are subjected to our terms and services.

Section 8: Third-party links

Certain content as well as the products are directed to the customers through third-party websites. These are not affiliated with us. We do not examine and also evaluate the content before displaying it. We are not liable for harm or any kind of damages related to the purchase as well as the use of goods. If there is any kind of disputed delivery then we will return and change the same within our stipulated time. You need to review the work carefully through the third-party policy and purchase rules. All complaints and claims with questions should be directed to the third-party.

Section-9: Comments, Feedbacks, and other submissions

You can send us your comments, feedback, and suggestions as well as proposals with creative ideas, suggestions without any copy, publication, or distribution; we determine in the sole discretion of our responsibility. It is unlawful and offensive if you do not abide by the terms and the services agreeing to the comments that are likely to violate any rights of the third-party. You can send pictures and images of the product once you receive and encourage other customers to refer to our products and their variety.

Section-10: Personal Information

The submission of personal information through the store is to be governed by the privacy after viewing the privacy policy.

Section-11: Errors, Inaccuracies, and Omissions

Occasionally we provide information on our website of THE SAREE STORY in the Service and Terms which includes about typographical errors, inaccuracies, and also about omissions that relate to the product descriptions and also pricing along with promotions, offering, and also the product shipping charges along with the transmit timings as per the availability.

THE SAREE STORY corrects the errors and the information by cancelling the Service or any other related information on the website. We ensure undertaking the obligation to update amending the clarifying information in the Service section. Promotional offers and schemes can be added to your account if it is completed and registered without notice. No specified update and refresh date applied in the service taken into consideration the better policies. You agree that any comments we take no responsibility assuming no liability for any comments submitted by you or any third-party. THE SAREE STORY strives to provide an accurate product with pricing information, typographical errors in the pricing modifying the price of the products.

Section- 12: Prohibited Uses

Probations set forth by the Terms and Service you are prohibited from using the website or its content.

  • For any kind of unlawful purpose
  • Soliciting others’ performance and participation in any unlawful acts
  • To violate any international, federal, provincial, and state regulations, rules laws, and local ordinances
  • To harass, abuse, harm or insult, slander, disparage, intimidate, and discriminate based on gender and sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age, national origin disability
  • To submit false and misleading information by uploading the transmit viruses any other type of the malicious code which will affect the functionality and operation in the Service or any related website, other websites, or the Internet
  • To collect and track the personal information of others
  • To spam, pharm, pretext, spider, crawl, or scrape


Section-13: Cancellation policy

We note an order can only be cancelled within 24 hours of placing an order. Once the order is processed after 24 hours, no cancellation request will be entertained. The services are all explained and discussed in the Terms and Service section.

Section-14: Disclaimer Policy and warranty

The details and the product specifications (including the weight, color, texture, details and handwork, size, etc) are all mentioned on our THE SAREE STORY website and also while sending the delivery of the product. These products include in them approximate values or printed on the box with the address and the content and the quantity.

All our products are designer based and also come with the intricate nature of the products available on our websites. All dyes, fabrics, dyes, prints, and embroideries of the policy. We do not endorse or are responsible for the product once it is delivered to you. We do not guarantee, represent and warranty any use of our service will be uninterrupted, timely and secure or error-free

(A) The accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice, and statement made through the website by any third party other than us.

(B) Content that is provided on the linked website

(C) Capabilities or the reliability of any kind of product or the service obtained from the linked website

(D) Payments should be processed online only but once your payment is failed you will get back the money in your account.

(E) There is no delivery at night but the working hours are from 9 AM till 7 PM with an approaching message alert to the customer’s contact number.


Section-15: Indemnification

You agree to indemnify, defend holding harmless THE SAREE STORY and agents, suppliers, interns, and employees harmlessly. The Terms and Service and the documents incorporated by referencing and also a violation of any kind of rights of a 3rd party.

Section-16: Severability

In all provisions, the Terms and Service are determined to an unlawful, not enforceable, and also void. Severability refers to a provision in the contract or piece of the legislation that the brand holds illegal and otherwise should still apply.

Section: 17: Termination and Entire Agreement

The liabilities and obligations of the parties incurred prior any termination with an agreement for all kinds of purposes. The Terms of Service are available anytime notifying the wish to use our Services. The failure from THE SAREE STORY exercises and also enforces many kinds of rights and also provision of the Terms of Service. Since we keep updating so the prior versions of the terms of Service. No ambiguity will be treated against the drafting party.

Section 18: Governing Law

Separate agreements whereby provide our services following the laws 33/17/21, Nasik, Maharashtra. The governing law is prepared as per the necessities and keeping in mind the best service details and the delivery proceedings of the online sale.

Section: 19: Changes to terms and Conditions

Users can review the best current versions as THE SAREE STORY reserve rights to post and update and changes to the website. Terms and Services constitute acceptance of the changes.

Section: 20: Contract information

If there is a query about the services you can expect answers through the format of the Question and Answers about the Terms of Service should be sent to our official website address at [email protected]